New to the Baltimore music scene in 2023, Making Friends As Adults (MFAA) is an energetic four-piece rock band combining elements of 90s/00s melodic punk, emo, post-hardcore, and math rock. MFAA’s lyrics explore the emotional highs and lows of relationships, mental health, and self-acceptance. Accompanying this introspective experience, the band delivers a lively performance moving listeners from fast-paced blast beats, half-time breakdowns, and complex rhythms to catchy hooks, grungy riffs, and poppy emotive vocals.

MFAA formed after drummer Kenneth Noble put out a social media call looking to start a new project. Guitarists Nick Severson and Graham Twibell responded kicking off the band’s first practice in early 2023. Needing a bassist and vocalist, Nick brought in his brother, Matt Severson, to fill both roles. By March, the band debuted at a local punk cover night playing a NOFX / Face to Face tribute set. Gaining interest from the Maryland music scene, the band continued with two follow-up Emo Nights covering Jimmy Eat World at Olde Mother Brewing in Frederick, MD, and Zen West in Baltimore, MD.  Following the band’s final show of 2023, Nick parted ways with MFAA on good terms after accepting a job out West.

By chance, vocalist Leigh McNally reached out to Kenneth in late 2023 looking to form a band. After her audition, it was clear that Leigh would be an excellent addition to MFAA. Moving forward in early 2024, the band stepped back from cover shows to focus on writing new material. In June of that year, the band played its first all-original set at The Crown in Baltimore.

MFAA strongly believes in supporting the area music scene. The band follows the campsite rule – leave the world better than how we found it! Through crowd-sourcing, the band provides resources to local and touring bands including contact lists for area venues, bookers, music festivals, recording studios & engineers, photographers & videographers, promotions & PR, and small businesses that design and make merch. By providing this information, MFAA’s goal is to help support the local music scene in hopes that it will continue to thrive for years to come!  We also regularly attend area shows.

MFAA is actively working on their first album and anticipates releasing a single in the summer of 2024. 

Meet the Band!

Leigh McNally (she/her)

Lead Singer / Lyricist

1. Musical background? I played the clarinet from 3rd-12th grade in concert band, orchestra, jazz band, marching band, and was in the pit crew for school musicals. I won a music scholarship to Towson but changed course and majored in theater/acting. After two years, I became laser-focused on singing and have been doing that ever since.

2. Three bands you like?  Alkaline Trio, Frank Turner, Brian Fallon

3. First band’s name? Perfect Size Zero

4. Have you ever opened for a well-known band? Not yet, but the night is young.

5. Gear of choice? my voice and sometimes a bullhorn! 

Graham Twibell (he/him)


1. Musical background? Weekly guitar lessons for a couple years in high school. It was a very traditional approach with sight reading as the focus.

2. Three bands you like?  Mannequin Pussy, Sweet Pill, Rezn

3. First band’s name?  “CBR”. Chicken-Bacon-Ranch forever

4. Have you ever opened for a well-known band?  No, but I’d love to open for a big band coming through Ottobar someday!

5. Gear of choice:  Musicman Albert Lee Guitar and Orange Amps!

Matt Severson (~3/4 he, 1/4 she)*

Bass & Backing Vocals

1. Musical background?  Finding my mom's guitar in the closet is one of my earliest memories. I've had my own guitar since I was around 5 and started playing more seriously when I was about 10. I learned music theory basics from a bandmate in high school and haven't stopped playing or learning since.

2. Three bands you like?  Bad Religion, China Drum, As Tall as Lions

3. First band’s name?  No Agreement

4. Have you ever opened for a well-known band?  New Found Glory

5. Gear of choice:  '90s Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray & Ampeg or Genz Benz

*Matt believes his sexual preference and gender may be aligned with the tilt of the Earth - 23.5% gay/fem

Kenneth Noble (he/him)

Drummer / Multi-Percussion

1. Musical background? I was a marching band (drumline) nerd from middle school through grad school - 14 years total! I’ve been in lots of bands from high school to present.

2. Three bands you like?  Alkaline Trio, The Get Up Kids, and Lagwagon

3. First band’s name?  Low on Life

4. Have you ever opened for a well-known band?   Eve 6, Moon Taxi, Pears, and Dikembe

5. Gear of choice:  Crush Chameleon, DW acrylic, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth sticks