Local and Small-Biz Merch Designers & Makers!

Merch table need a little love? Want to support small businesses and designers? We have you covered! We began compiling a list with the help of crowd-sourcing on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We had so many great recommendations that we wanted to share the wealth. 

Know a designer or maker that we can add to the list?  Email us: booking@friendsasadults.com

Updated: 6/2/2024

Name/Website/Social Media Location/Products
Henry Carlson / Instagram DC, VA / T-shirts
Brown Cat Printing Co. / Instagram GA / Screen Printing
Bad Mouse Goods / Instagram MD / Screen Printing
Dan August / Instagram MD / Design & Screen Printing
Old Eastern Ink Shop / Instagram MD / Screen Printing
Blood Rose / Instagram PA / Screen Printing
Daniel Falkowski / Instagram PA / Design & Printing
Quick Eddies Swag Company / Instagram PA / Screen printing & Embroidery
Stain Magics Records / Instagram PA / Cassettes & Buttons
Toni / Instagram PA / Design & Screen Printing
Joshua Michael Glisson / Instagram VA / Design

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